Stock Picking is Almost Always a Losing Game

I wish fewer people would talk about investing. Fewer “personal finance” bloggers, fewer pundits on TV, and fewer lay people over lunch breaks. I can’t turn on the TV without hearing something about the intraday movement of the stock market, and it’s nearly that bad on the internet. If someone isn’t flat-out telling you to buy Google

Is a Budget Necessary for Financial Success?

Budgeting is a touchy topic. Some households worship a good budget. Others throw out budgeting altogether. There is nothing wrong with either camp. Budgeting is primarily a matter of personal preference. From my perspective, It seems like the entire budgeting process can be boiled down to some variety of the following: 1) True, Hardcore Budgeting In my mind,

19 Reasons Why We Still Drive a 19 Year Old Car

Many readers know that we decided to sell Vanessa’s white Toyota Camry when we got married to pay off debts. We decided at that time to share a car – The Green Machine (as seen below) – which has resulted in minimal auto expenses. Sharing a car won’t work for everyone, but it is a great way to

Wealthfront Review: Automated, Low-Cost Investing

This year I am considering opening up another new IRA account at one of the “robo-advisors” that continue to grow and expand. I’ve already written about my experience with Betterment, but I haven’t yet discussed Wealthfront as an option. Wealthfront is the largest robo-advisor in existence today with over $2 billion in client assets under management. They

Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA: A Guide for Wise Investor’s

As many long-time readers know, I’ve always been a saver. As a result, I opened my first IRA in college when I had very little earned income. When setting up that first IRA, I began reading about retirement planning. I quickly realized that I had to decide between the Roth IRA versus the Traditional IRA.

Leverage the Roth IRA for Your Child’s College Education

I recently completed a pro-bono financial plan for an individual here in Texas. One of the sections that was covered was education planning. This is very common and most parents (or grandparents) have at least considered setting aside funds to help pay for a child’s (or grandchild’s) education. In the education section of my report,

Republic Wireless Review – Now Offering 4 Phones

I first reviewed Republic Wireless a year ago when my parents were looking to exit their AT&T family plan. I then wrote about the service again after they updated the firmware and released 2 new phones. To recap: Republic Wireless is an innovative company that I first found while doing research on the cheapest cell phone providers. The founders had

Can Money Buy Happiness?

We’re really asking the wrong question. Because the answer is, yes, of course money can buy happiness. Money can get you out of debt, into a nice home, and on your dream vacation. It can change your status, improve your social life, transform your appearance. Money can buy you freedom from the job you hate and change almost

Help Your Children Get Rich With a Roth IRA

I recently discussed Roth IRAs in detail. That post was aimed at adults with earned income. One thing I didn’t discuss was the possibility of utilizing an IRA to help your children build wealth. It’s a powerful tool that is vastly underutilized. Most people assume that IRAs can only be funded by adults. But no such restriction

The Complete Roth IRA Guide – Contribution Rules, Taxes, Limits, Eligibility Requirements, and More

The Roth IRA is a type of investment account that is granted special tax privileges from our current tax laws. Investors who choose to place money inside of a Roth IRA can choose between a wide array of investments, including individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, etc. The most attractive part about the Roth IRA