The Importance of Sacrifice

Nausea swept over me. I needed to sit down. With just a few months left in college, I still had my head stuck in the sand about the student loan debt that I had acquired that would be due upon my graduation. But, when the letter came in the mail with its warning of the

Honestly, You’re Far Too Generous

There have been multiple times in the last year that I have observed a phenomenon that I can no longer ignore. For far too long, I’ve watched the guise of generosity do more harm than good, and it’s time to talk about it. In a recent occasion, I witnessed (first hand) an event that involved

American Express Serve Guide: Prepaid Card for Travel Rewards

I’ve written before about utilizing Amazon Payments to meet minimum spend requirements for travel hacking. Today I’ll talk about a similar option with the American Express Serve card. Serve is a prepaid card that acts like a debit card. You load money onto the Serve account from various sources (bank account, debit, or credit card),

Award Wallet Review: Manage Your Travel Rewards

Today we are back talking about travel hacking and how you can see the world for pennies on the dollar. Before reading my guide on Award Wallet, make sure to read my previous post on creating rewards accounts before signing up for credit cards. Those accounts are necessary to use Award Wallet. Award Wallet is

Grab These Two Books ASAP (They’re on Sale)

This post is a just a simple heads up. On there are two books that just went on a huge sale today ($2.99 each on kindle) that I highly recommend. I have both of them and they are outstanding. I need to do a book review post on each, or perhaps one you readers should

11 Thoughts on Building Trust

I’ve been reading The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook, by Green and Howe. I’d recommend it to anyone, even though it is spun towards financial advisors. In reality, most of the financial service jobs are based on selling (either products or expertise), which is based on trust. I’d take it one step further and argue that most decent jobs

Discover It Card Review – 5% More Cash Back

The Discover It credit card is a cash back credit card issued by Discover Financial, and is one of the top cash back credit cards available today. We have used this card for over a year now and have been more than pleased, therefore I wanted to write a Discover It Card review. Related: If you’re looking for

How to Make Sure You and Your Spouse BOTH Get What You Want out of Life.

It’s sad, but I see it, and I’m sure you do too. You know, that couple that had to choose either his path or hers, and the other is left with a life full of missed opportunities. The one who gave up their dreams is left with part of their life unfulfilled, and the only

Should I Say Something? A PF Enthusiast’s Great Dilemma.

I face the same dilemma nearly every day. I’m quite convinced I’m not the only one with this internal struggle. I am especially convinced I am not alone in this struggle within the PF world. So here’s the situation. I’m over here, ya know, kicking frugality’s butt. Saving tons of money, making smart financial choices

How to Shop Well with Coupons (And Why We Don’t)

Couponing is such a polarizing topic, and for good reason. For the coupon user, it’s a moment of adrenaline, right? Seeing the savings and discounts pile up can be exhilarating. But for the person next in line who is forced to wait an extra 15 minutes, it’s a different story. Don’t you agree? I too