The Inside Scoop on Bad Habits and How They Form

Bad habits are disgusting little buggers. Come to think of it, so are good habits when you’re trying to develop them. Nothing is more frustrating than setting a goal to break a bad habit or build a good one, only to find you’re not self controlled enough to follow through. But is that really it?

Millions of Employees Refuse Free Money. Why?

Most employees should be participating in their employer sponsored retirement plan(s). The most common plan type is the defined contribution plan, including 401k, 403b, etc. Under most circumstances, contributions to these plans are tax deductible, and all accumulated earnings are tax deferred until withdrawal. Furthermore, most employers offer to match employee contributions up to some predefined

Frugal Food Friday – Start Eating More Parboiled Rice

  Welcome to the second edition of Frugal Food Friday where we debunk common food myths and show you how to buy crazy healthy food on a budget made for paupers. This week we’re talking about rice. Not exciting you say? Well, you’re in for a jaw dropper. What did we buy? (Keep in mind that our

7 Nights at a Marriott AND The Southwest Companion Pass?!

I recently wrote about a few Marriott properties that we visited on our last vacation. They were category 1 and 2 properties that cost just 10,000 Marriott points or less each night. I still feel those hotels are a reasonably good redemption value, but there is a much bigger play here if you’re interested. Instead of

Sometimes I’m a Hermit. You Should Be Too.

Why do people on planes insist on making small talk? I mean, c’mon. The flight would be much more pleasant if they would continue to drink their coffee and let me read my library book in peace. But nooooooo. Seat mates on an airplane feel obligated to chit chat. You can blame it on close proximity

For Half of Americans, Only One Interest Rate Matters

Everyone loves to talk about the low interest rate environment being controlled by the Fed. Banks are paying nothing for deposits, bonds are yielding very little, and my “high yield” savings account is paying less than 1%. But half of all Americans are ignoring the only interest rate that matters – The double digit rate on their consumer debt.

Craigslist is Failing, Here’s Why

I sell a lot of stuff on Craigslist (which I’ve said before). Just this week I posted a few laptops, a few tablets, a few bluetooth speakers, 2 iPod Touches, a home theater system… Well you get the idea. I sell a lot of stuff. I prefer Craigslist for several reasons. The primary being that

7 Celebrity Net Worths You Won’t Believe

At heart, people are just nosy. So nosy, that I found an entire website dedicated to the net worth of celebrities. Some of the findings are really surprising. I mean, if you’re a celebrity and not a total idiot, you’re probably rich. But there is a big difference between $180 million and $9 billion rich,

How to Obtain and Use the Southwest Companion Pass

I mentioned the Southwest Companion pass when talking about our recent family vacation. However, some readers wanted more detail on the subject, so I  thought I’d post a follow-up with more information. Obtaining the companion pass allows you to designate a companion who can fly FREE on Southwest airlines for 2 entire calendar years. It

The Cash Cow Roundup

Welcome back to another edition of the Cash Cow Roundup, featuring the best online content from the previous two weeks. A Retirement Savings Crisis Americans have very little saved for retirement. Take a look at this report by the National Institute on Retirement Security, which showcases the desperate situation. Jaw-dropping highlights that stand out: The average American