Sleep Like a Baby in Free Luxury Hotels

Our recent tour of Texas was a smashing frugal success. We enjoyed seeing all of the major cities and sampling the finest foods at half price (thanks, Groupon). In addition to the discounted foods, the short domestic flights were booked using 4,500 Avios each way (free of charge, as I explained here). And one of our

The Undeniable Joys of Free Travel

I’m sitting here at gate B-35, waiting to board yet another delayed flight. In fact, it’s been 10 straight hours of delayed flights. Weather caused the malfunction, and the airport just never recovered. Flight crews are stuck on delayed flights, and planes are sitting in terminals, which are causing delays with other planes. It’s a

The Unspoken Problem with Early Retirement

Ah…the American dream. You know the promise. Work hard, and anything you want can be yours. White picket fences, brand new cars, fine foods, and …. corporate slavery? What a dream. Surely by now you’ve probably realized that the original American dream is complete crock. While the American dream does promise success, the dirty bugger didn’t mention

Cash Cow Roundup – It’s Time for a FREE Vacation

“ We’re going on a’cation!” This is what our nephew says when he thinks that he is going on vacation (apparently most places qualify as vacation when you are 2…), and Jacob and I think it’s adorable. It’s been our favorite quote for the past couple weeks as we prepare for our very first real vacation

Convert your Spouse from Spender to Saver by Christmas.

Insults fly, doors are slammed, and your bank account continues to disintegrate. This pattern has emerged, and it’s exhausting. Perhaps you’ve tried to convince your spouse to join you in your war against excessive spending. Perhaps it even worked for a while. But just when you weren’t looking, they went out and spent again, and

Betterment Review – Now Offering Tax Loss Harvesting

As a PhD student in financial planning, I love reading about and discussing investment strategies. But I’m strange. Most folks don’t like studying investment theory or attempting to properly rebalance their own portfolio. At the same time, those same people realize that sticking all of their money in a savings account or CD won’t build any wealth,

Frugal Food Friday – Eat More Bacon (and Fat).

I bet you’ve been waiting all your life for someone to tell you to eat more bacon. Well, today’s your lucky day, my friend. Before we jump into this weeks ultra tasty and wallet friendly Frugal Food Friday, be sure to check out the food myths that inspired this new series. What did we buy?

Market Timing is Always a Losing Game

Buy low, and sell high. Rinse and repeat. Just like stock picking, it’s so easy a caveman could do it. Market timing seems rather simple at surface level. Just figure out how to determine when stocks or bonds or any asset is priced improperly, and then figure out when exactly things will correct to “proper” price levels. With

Frugal Food Friday – Debunking 4 Common Food Myths

Welcome to Frugal Food Friday, a new series where we put our money where our mouth is….wait a second. That’s gross. I meant to say we developed this new series to explain how we eat so well while spending very little. We believe everyone deserves to eat fantastically healthy food that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Risk, Return, and Improper Diversification in Your Portfolio

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is the brilliant mathematical model behind the investment concept of diversification. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Harry Markowitz introduced the theory in 1952 (1), and forever changed the world of finance and investing. He proved mathematically why holding a bundle of non-perfectly correlated assets is superior to holding a few concentrated positions. He showed that by holding an