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Free Giveaway: New Republic Wireless Smartphone and 3 Months of Service

To say thank you to our loyal fans, Vanessa and I are giving away the brand new 2nd generation Moto E smartphone, and 3 months of service from Republic Wireless. Anyone is eligible to win, and the contest will run until Sunday, July 26th at 10pm Central. Update: The contest has ended with several thousand entries. Thank

Republic Wireless Review – New Phones, New Plans and More

I first reviewed Republic Wireless two years ago when my parents were looking to exit their AT&T family plan. I then wrote about the service again after they updated the firmware and released 2 new phones. To recap: Republic Wireless is an innovative company that I first found while doing research on the cheapest cell phone providers. The founders had

How Much Money Do You Need to Save for Retirement?

I commonly receive reader questions related to retirement planning. Sure, everyone knows that they need to be saving for retirement. But most people don’t know how much they need to save, or how to invest their savings, or how to effectively spend the assets that they previously worked hard to accumulate. This is an important topic

Market Timing is Almost Always a Losing Game

Buy low, and sell high. Rinse and repeat. Just like stock picking, it’s so easy a caveman could do it. Market timing seems rather simple at surface level. Just figure out how to determine when stocks or bonds or any asset is priced improperly, and then figure out when exactly things will correct to “proper” price levels. With

Discover It Card Review – Fantastic New Promotion for Double Cash Back

Discover just announced that the original Discover It Card is now included in the double cash back promotion. All cash back earned in the first 12 months of card ownership is doubled. That means 2% cash back on everyday purchases, 10% cash back on rotating categories, and up to 40% additional cash back through the Discover

Do You Think About Financial Freedom?

Do you have any long term financial goals that motivate you? Anything that gets you out of bed each morning and into your corporate cubicle? I’ve found that when I ask this question in real life, I’m often met with one of two answers. A blank stare “I’m saving for retirement” A blank stare is

How to Start a Successful Blog and Make Money

Vanessa and I started this blog more than 2 years ago. Since that time, we have learned a lot about the process of writing, growing an audience, and internet marketing. This post will attempt to convey some of the lessons learned and hopefully will help someone else get started in the process. This post will be a

Stock Picking is Almost Always a Losing Game

I wish fewer people would talk about investing. Fewer “personal finance” bloggers, fewer pundits on TV, and fewer lay people over lunch breaks. I can’t turn on the TV without hearing something about the intraday movement of the stock market, and it’s nearly that bad on the internet. If someone isn’t flat-out telling you to buy Google

Is a Budget Necessary for Financial Success?

Budgeting is a touchy topic. Some households worship a good budget. Others throw out budgeting altogether. There is nothing wrong with either camp. Budgeting is primarily a matter of personal preference. From my perspective, It seems like the entire budgeting process can be boiled down to some variety of the following: 1) True, Hardcore Budgeting In my mind,

19 Reasons Why We Still Drive a 19 Year Old Car

Many readers know that we decided to sell Vanessa’s white Toyota Camry when we got married to pay off debts. We decided at that time to share a car – The Green Machine (as seen below) – which has resulted in minimal auto expenses. Sharing a car won’t work for everyone, but it is a great way to