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Republic Wireless Review – New Phones and Better Service

I first reviewed Republic Wireless two years ago when my parents were looking for a new carrier. I then wrote about the service again after they updated the firmware and released 2 new phones. To recap: Republic Wireless is an innovative company that I first found while doing research on high quality, low cost cell phone providers. The founders had

Should You Invest or Pay Off Your Debt?

A close friend of mine asked me the following question: “My wife and I both have some student loan debt and a mortgage, but we would like to begin investing. Should I prioritize paying down the debt, or investing?” This is a common question, and many blog readers struggle with making a similar decision. My

TradeKing Review – One of the Best Brokers in 2016

TradeKing is a discount online broker, allowing self-directed investors to buy and sell stocks, options, bonds and mutual funds via electronic trading platform or by phone. Since 2005, the firm has offered investors low-cost commissions and quality customer service. Amid countless other brokerage firms, TradeKing continues to improve and evolve. In recent years, they have done the following: Improved overall

Creative Strategies to Pay Off Debt Quickly

Any type of high-interest consumer debt is detrimental to your financial success and overall well-being. The ongoing interest and fees can destroy your ability to manage monthly cash flows and prevent you from reaching your most important financial goals. Furthermore, research has shown that debt can lead to numerous health problems. If you are currently in

How to Get Out of Debt Fast: The Complete Guide

Being debt-free is one of the best feelings in the world. I remember the excitement that Vanessa and I felt after submitting our last payment toward our student loan debt. It was such a liberating moment in our life. I want blog readers to feel that same joy and freedom, which is why I have put

What is Financial Planning and Why Should You Care?

During my PhD, I’ve taught numerous classes related to personal financial planning. In these classes, I’ve noticed that many students don’t understand the financial planning process. If my students don’t understand the process, and they are enrolled in a CFP® Board registered academic program, then what about the general public? I’m guessing few individuals outside of the financial

Fundrise Review: Commercial Real Estate Investing Made Easy

Crowdfunding is the process of connecting borrowers and lenders directly, bypassing any cumbersome (and costly) intermediaries. This new form of financing can benefit businesses and consumers alike, driving down the cost of capital. Fundrise is a pioneer in the real estate crowdfunding sector. First established in 2012, Fundrise initially offered investments in stand-alone properties. Developers could apply

Less is More in the Bizarre World of Investing

If I ask you what you will be doing 10 minutes from now, you can probably give me an accurate answer. But what if I ask about your plans in 10 months? It’s unlikely that you know for certain. What about 10 years from now? That would be almost impossible to answer, right? You know far more about

Are Your Online Financial Accounts Secure?

Earlier this month, Vanessa and I dealt with a frustrating cyber-security threat. One of our accounts was hacked, and the individual was able to steal some financial resources. We are working with appropriate parties to recover the loss, but the entire process is extremely frustrating and time consuming. If you haven’t yet experienced this type

The Cost of Addiction – In Dollars

Habits can be helpful or harmful, but most people would like to eliminate at least one habit from their life. There are a variety of reasons for kicking a habit, but a common reason, and possibly the most costly (pun intended), is financial distress. Puff, Puff, Pass Here are some tobacco stats from the Center for