How to Get Way More Food at Chipotle – A Cash Cow Guide

Chipotle has somewhat of a cult following in many parts of the country. People are gaga about the brand. Perhaps the rage is fueled by the companies effort to serve quality food at an affordable price? Or maybe it’s the simplistic, modern design of the restaurants? Of maybe if you’re money conscious like us, you appreciate the fact that

How to Break Habits – 10 Researched Backed Ways

Wanna know one of my biggest pet peeves? New Year Resolutions, because they never work. Name the last time you had a New Year Resolution that you actually stuck to for the whole year? My point exactly. Figuring out how to break habits takes lot more work than writing a few words on a piece of

Hypermiling: The Complete Guide to Saving Gas

The average American spends more than $2,000 on gasoline each year. Obviously, most people would rather have that $2,000 in the bank, where it could be spent on activities that generate far more personal utility than sitting in traffic and commuting. That should mean the logical next step involves learning how to burn less fuel while

Woman Crush Wednesday – Personal Finance Style

I don’t know about you, but I love to be inspired. And inspiration is hard to come by these days. But sure enough, when I set out to find some of the most inspiring women around, I ended up with this crazy talented group of women who have exceeded my expectations. From lawyers to freelance writers,

Discover It Card Review – Now 5% Cash Back at Online Retailers

The Discover It credit card is a cash back credit card issued by Discover Financial, and is one of the top cash back credit cards available today. We have used this card for two years now and have been more than pleased, therefore I wanted to write a Discover It Card review. The Discover It card is our favorite

Bad Habits Die Hard (But You Can Break Them)

Bad habits are disgusting little buggers. Come to think of it, so are good habits when you’re trying to develop them. Nothing is more frustrating than setting a goal to break a bad habit or build a good one, only to find you’re not self controlled enough to follow through. But is that really it?

Millions of Employees Refuse Free Money. Why?

Most employees should be participating in their employer sponsored retirement plan(s). The most common plan type is the defined contribution plan, including 401k, 403b, etc. Under most circumstances, contributions to these plans are tax deductible, and all accumulated earnings are tax deferred until withdrawal. Furthermore, most employers offer to match employee contributions up to some predefined

Frugal Food Friday – Start Eating More Parboiled Rice

  Welcome to the second edition of Frugal Food Friday where we debunk common food myths and show you how to buy crazy healthy food on a budget made for paupers. This week we’re talking about rice. Not exciting you say? Well, you’re in for a jaw dropper. What did we buy? (Keep in mind that our

7 Nights at a Marriott AND The Southwest Companion Pass?!

I recently wrote about a few Marriott properties that we visited on our last vacation. They were category 1 and 2 properties that cost just 10,000 Marriott points or less each night. I still feel those hotels are a reasonably good redemption value, but there is a much bigger play here if you’re interested. Instead of

Sometimes I’m a Hermit. You Should Be Too.

Why do people on planes insist on making small talk? I mean, c’mon. The flight would be much more pleasant if they would continue to drink their coffee and let me read my library book in peace. But nooooooo. Seat mates on an airplane feel obligated to chit chat. You can blame it on close proximity