Risk, Return, and Improper Diversification in Your Portfolio

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is the brilliant mathematical model behind the investment concept of diversification. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Harry Markowitz introduced the theory in 1952 (1), and forever changed the world of finance and investing. He proved mathematically why holding a bundle of non-perfectly correlated assets is superior to holding a few concentrated positions. He showed that by holding an

Cultivating Your Money Happiness Mindset and iPad Mini Giveaway

Please welcome Shannon from the Heavy Purse. We’re so glad to have her with us today. One of the many things I admire about Jacob and Vanessa is how genuinely happy they are to live very frugally. They live like a King and Queen on an amount of money that most people, myself included, would

Stock Picking is Always a Losing Game

I wish fewer people would talk about investing. Fewer “personal finance” bloggers, fewer pundits on TV, and fewer lay people over lunch breaks. I can’t turn on the news without hearing nonsensical stock recommendations, and it’s gotten nearly that bad on the internet. If someone is flatout telling you to buy Google and sell Microsoft, they

We’re Done Christmas Shopping in July.

And not to rub it in or anything, but our holiday season is going to be, like, so stress free. Wanna know how we did it? Of course you do. So we’ll give you an early Christmas present; our top secret strategy to being done Christmas shopping by July. 1. Shop the day after Christmas.

21 Experts Chatting About Financial Independence

Work seems to have gotten a bad rap in PF blogs, as many are primarily focused on financial independence and early retirement. Is work really that bad? Has everyone caught the early retirement bug, or just a select few that have loud online voices? To shed some light on this controversial topic, we decided to interview some excellent

Cash Cow Roundup

I have a confession to make. I can’t stop looking at tiny houses. It’s becoming a problem, because I’m completely obsessed. I mean, the design possibilities are seemingly endless. What isn’t endless is the size of the house. Tiny houses are described a living spaces that are around 400 square feet or less. But what a tiny

Why You Should Be More Like Me

I’m not kidding. Oh, that sounded vain? I’m sorry. I only wanted to get your attention. What I meant to say was, your finances are a mess, ahem, I mean, congratulations on that new BMW you financed, that new $400 tablet you just bought, and the wedding you’re planning on credit. Sounds like you’ve got it

Debunking Silly Arguments Against Frugality

(a set of persuasive arguments to pass along to your favorite spender.) Introducing the finest anti-frugality arguments money can buy, and the reasons why they’re wrong: 1. Frugality is boring and restrictive. Where’s the fun in that?! You’re just not getting it. Frugality is freedom from the cubicle, or free vacations in Aruba, or enough

The Dollar Tree is Awesome

Sometimes Vanessa makes fun of me after an outing to the local Dollar Tree. Primarily because of the way I shuffle around in amazement, looking at every single item. I can’t deny it, I’m captivated by all the stuff that can still be bought for $1. And its not like they have just a few

The Economics of Soccer and the World Cup

The amount of money that star athletes earn can be staggering. This can be seen in any of the major sports in America – football, basketball, baseball, golf, etc. where athletes earn tens of millions of dollars each year between their salary, bonuses, endorsement deals, apparel, and more. But what about soccer? It’s never had much of
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