Our Story

As the Cash Cow Couple, we don’t know much about cows, but we DO know quite a bit about money. As you may have guessed, this blog is written by a couple. To be more specific, a 20’s couple who happen to love a good deal almost as much as they love each other. We are on a mission to achieve financial independence while maintaining a healthy, happy life.

We aren’t rich, and we haven’t been given a large inheritance. What we do have is a small mobile home that was purchased with cash, an old 1996 Saturn that we share, and absolutely no debt.

When we got married, we decided that we didn’t want to live the typical American dream. We didn’t want to be swimming in debt, or motivated by greed. We looked around and decided that we would live a simple life that provided more freedom and less worry. We then increased our net worth by more than $50,000 in our first year of marriage through hard work and a very high savings rate.

Why Read This Blog?

We are real. We share our lifestyle and our trials. We have monthly expenses just like you, and when we figure out how to lower those expenses, we share it with you. We also share research based advice on intelligent investing, making more money, and a multitude of other financial topics.

In short, this blog will teach you how to increase your net worth and live a more fulfilling life.

Ask yourself, have you ever wanted any of these things?

•  Freedom to find a career you actually enjoy?
•  A life with less stress and more satisfaction?
•  The ability to effectively make financial decisions with a spouse or loved one?
•  More cash to spend and invest?
•  Less debt and financial hardships?

If so…You’re in the RIGHT place!

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About Jacob:

Jacob genuinely loves to learn, and is a huge nerd at heart. He gets excited about weird stuff like 45MPG tanks of gas, free travel-hacked vacations, and free e-books. He enjoys reading, playing video games, throwing around the frisbee, and hanging out with his wonderful wife and family.

He firmly believes that life is about more than “keeping up with the Joneses.” He hopes that this blog inspires people to read more and to reflect on their lifestyle. When not blogging and doing internet marketing, Jacob is teaching and completing a Ph.D. in Financial Planning and Finance.

Twice graduated with the highest academic honors. Most recently with a Masters degree in financial planning. And before that, a Bachelors degree in Chemistry and Biology. He has passed the CFP® exam.

About Vanessa:

Vanessa  is learning how to become a smart and thrifty wife. She has a few tricks down pat but is constantly learning new ways to save money. Vanessa is looking forward to being an obsessively frugal mama one day. In the meantime, she enjoys learning how to cook deliciously frugal food, playing piano, reading, and spending time with her husband.

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