Our Story

As the Cash Cow Couple, we know very little about cows, but we know quite a bit about money. As you may have guessed, this blog is written by a couple. To be more specific, a 20’s couple who happen to love a good deal almost as much as they love each other. We are on a mission to achieve financial independence while maintaining a healthy, happy life.

We got married at roughly the same time that we each graduated with a bachelor’s degree. To celebrate marriage and our new careers, we didn’t upgrade our vehicles, buy a big house, or a new wardrobe. We sold everything that we didn’t need, including our second car. We used that money, and our paychecks, to pay off our student loans and begin building a secure financial future. Through hard work and a very high savings rate, we paid off roughly $25,000 in student loans and increased our net worth by more than $50,000 in our first year of marriage. That growth has continued upward each year.

We share our story to encourage readers. If we did it, so can you. You can get out of debt, save for retirement, and provide for your family without worrying about the monthly paycheck.

Why Read This Blog?

We try to help our readers improve their lives. We share research-based recommendations about relationships, financial freedom, personal financial planning, and most things money related.

In short, we hope that this blog will teach you how to increase your net worth and live a more fulfilling life.

Ask yourself, have you ever wanted any of these things?

•  Freedom to find a career you actually enjoy?
•  A life with less stress and more satisfaction?
•  The ability to effectively make financial decisions with a spouse or loved one?
•  More cash to spend and invest?
•  Less debt and financial hardships?

If so…You’re in the RIGHT place!

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About Jacob:

Jacob genuinely loves to learn, and is a huge nerd at heart. He gets excited about entrepreneurship, free travel-hacked vacations, and investing e-books. He enjoys reading, playing video games, throwing around the frisbee, and hanging out with his wife and family.

He firmly believes that life is about more than “keeping up with the Joneses.” He hopes that this blog inspires people to read more and to reflect on their lifestyle. When not blogging and doing internet marketing, Jacob is teaching and completing a Ph.D. in Financial Planning and Finance.

He has twice graduated with the highest academic honors. Most recently with a Master’s degree in financial planning. And before that, a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology. He has passed the CFP® exam.

About Vanessa:

Vanessa enjoys photography, learning how to cook delicious food, playing the piano, reading, and spending time with her friends and family.

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