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Changing Household Financial Roles within Marriage?

This is a sponsored post by Chase. The content and opinions expressed below are attributed to the Cash Cow Couple. Before we were married, my husband and I had extensive conversations about how our finances would be managed within our marriage. This ranged from small details like who would pay the bills, to big picture

The Cash Cow Roundup

I have a confession to make. I can’t stop looking at tiny houses. Tiny houses are typically around 400 square feet or less. But what a tiny house lacks in size, it makes up for in character. The owners have to be creative in the way that they use space, resulting in unique and customized homes. At first glance,

Can Money Buy Happiness?

We’re really asking the wrong question. Because the answer is, yes, of course money can buy happiness. Money can get you out of debt, into a nice home, and on your dream vacation. It can change your status, improve your social life, transform your appearance. Money can buy you freedom from the job you hate and change almost

How to Save Money on Groceries – 35 Proven Ways

We’re big on eating healthy food and our diet consists of fresh vegetables, some meat, healthy fats, and a moderate amount of healthy carbs and fresh fruit. It’s a pretty solid, research backed diet that should lead to optimal health. All that to say, we don’t have the cheapest diet. Most people would consider it top

Bad Habits Die Hard (But You Can Break Them)

Bad habits are disgusting little buggers. Come to think of it, so are good habits when you’re trying to develop them. Nothing is more frustrating than setting a goal to break a bad habit or build a good one, only to find you’re not self controlled enough to follow through. But is that really it?

Frugal Food Friday – Start Eating More Parboiled Rice

Welcome to the second edition of Frugal Food Friday where we debunk common food myths and show you how to buy crazy healthy food on a budget made for paupers. This week we’re talking about rice. Not exciting you say? Well, you’re in for a jaw dropper. What did we buy? (Keep in mind that our location in Review – 100% Cash back to You

“I don’t like getting money back,” said no one ever. Everyone likes getting free stuff, or getting paid to do nothing. And free money is exactly what you get by using So what’s the catch, you say? There isn’t one. You  just have to go through the website portal before you shop online. The website

Are You Cut Out to be a Millionaire?

Please tell me I’m not the only one that remembers the year 1999. You know, when the show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” was all the rage. Apparently that show is still out in the cable network somewhere. Who knew, right? The reason that show was so enthralling is because everyone wants to be

Do You Always Get what You Pay for?

Seriously, who came up with the phrase: “You always get what you pay for.” They were wrong, and I don’t agree. Mostly because every single day, Jacob and I find deals all over the place with little effort. But just for fun, let’s consider that silly little phrase. The argument is that buying higher quality items,

The Unspoken Problem with Early Retirement

Ah…the American dream. You know the promise. Work hard, and anything you want can be yours. White picket fences, brand new cars, fine foods, and …. corporate slavery? What a dream. Surely by now you’ve probably realized that the original American dream is complete crock. While the American dream does promise success, the dirty bugger didn’t mention