7 Reasons I’d Keep Working a Job I Hate

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At one point or another, I suspect most of us have worked a job that we hated (or at least really disliked). Over the past 15 years or so, I’ve worked my fair share of full and part-time jobs that totally stunk. From cleaning houses and pools, to working the nightshift at a homeless shelter and serving up lobster at a greasy snack bar, I’ve worked a lot of crappy jobs. Some of them were worse than others, but there was always a reason I kept showing up.

Sometimes I stayed for the money (cleaning toilets can be pretty lucrative if you work for the right company!) and other times I stayed because I was working my way up the promotional ladder. While I don’t advocate working a job you hate for 20 years, I do think there’s value in working a job you hate in certain circumstances.Working a job you hate

7 reasons I’d keep working a job I hate:

  1. I need the money for basic necessities. This one is pretty obvious, but if I needed money for food, clothing, shelter etc., I’d work a job I hated to make ends meet. Nobody is going to be cold or go hungry in my household if I have the ability to work.
  2. I’m working towards a bigger goal. If working a job I hate helps me see the, “light at the end of the tunnel” I’m more than willing to work I job that I hate to get to reach that end goal. The bigger goal might be working a job I’m passionate about, starting my own business, working from home, building an emergency fund, etc.
  3. I’m paying off debt. If working a crappy job helps me pay off debt at an accelerated pace, I’d keep working the crappy job. When I was paying off my student loan debt I wasn’t always happy at my job. I was working the nightshift and barely got to see my friends and family. But I knew that making a temporarily sacrifice was worth it to be debt-free.
  4. I need the benefits. If someone in my family had a serious health condition (God forbid), I’d stay at a job I hated to temporarily have good benefits, like health insurance. You can’t put a price tag on health and working a job I hate is a small price to pay for life-saving healthcare.
  5. The job I hate will get me to the job I love. Hate your current job but know you’ll get promoted to a job you like? I worked a job I really disliked for 6 months because I knew that I would get promoted into a job that was much more enjoyable (and better paying).
  6. The job is for a limited amount of time. If I know I only have to work a crappy job for a limited time, that makes it much more bearable. I wouldn’t work I job I hate for 5 years, but 5 months? Maybe! Sometimes I’ve had to grit my teeth and bear a crappy job for my long-term financial health.
  7. I need the money to help friends or family. Similar to bullet number 1. I would never let my family go hungry or be homeless if can work (whether it’s a job I hate or not).

Take this job and Shove-it: Reasons I’d quit a job I hated immediately

  1. The job isn’t in line with my values. I couldn’t work at a job where I was asked to do things that I don’t believe in. For some reason, working for a tobacco company comes to mind. After losing my grandmother to lung cancer, I could never work for a tobacco company, no matter how big the salary.
  2. The job puts me in physical danger. Many jobs involve some degree of danger, but I wouldn’t do a job I felt was overtly dangerous just for money (working as a private contractor in a war zone, being a firefighter on an oil rig etc.)
  3. My employer is abusive. I could never work for an employer or boss who was emotionally abusive to myself or others. Name-calling, threats and nasty remarks should not be tolerated in the workplace and are a “deal breaker” for me.
  4. The job is illegal. Similar to #1, but slightly different. Here I’m talking about jobs or actions that actually break the law. Obviously I wouldn’t sell drugs or rob people, but I also wouldn’t work for a company that lies or steals. Employers that actively try to evade taxes, lie to the government and use charity funds for personal gain are a definite “no go” for me. No amount of money is worth participating in activities that are against the law.

Have you ever worked a job you hated? Why did you keep working there and when did you quit?

Author Bio: KK lives and works in the greater NYC area with her boyfriend and their menagerie of rescued pets. She is a non-profit professional, writer and guacamole aficionado who blogs to document her struggles and successes paying off over $30,000 in student loan debt.

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