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Vitacost offers a very good selection of specialty foods and health products at very competitive pricing.

We were Amazon junkies for a long time. We would scour Amazon before buying anything online because generally, Amazon had the best deals.

But this changed when we discovered Vitacost.

You see, we love health foods, vitamins, spices, and essential oils. Our greatest love though, is coconut oil.

Coconut oil is good for eating as well as an unexpectedly beneficial part of a hygiene regimen. Coconut oil is not only crazy good for your internal body, but also for your hair and skin as well.

Only problem? Coconut oil is expensive! Even Amazon sells it for way more than they should.

So, our answer? Vitacost!

Vitacost has their own brand of products that are often cheaper than the rest, and the quality is great. We’ve been using Vitacost for all our coconut oil, vitamin, essential oil, and spice needs for over a year and couldn’t be happier. As an added bonus, they run fantastic sales on an ongoing basis.

vitacostVitacost Review

Some benefits of using Vitacost:

1. $10 new member signup offer:

If you’re a new member, Vitacost will give you $10 just for signing up! Membership is free of course.

To earn your $10 signup bonus, sign up here

The $10 off is applied to your first purchase. That is enough to pay for a lot of things on this website or at least get you one heck of a good deal on more pricey items. If you combine it with sale items and their free shipping, it’s a great deal.

(If you’re already a member of Vitacost, you’ve got three options. 1. Sign up for a new account to get $10 free using the link above. 2. Keep reading and find out some cool features you might not know about. Or 3. Since this review has jogged your memory about how awesome Vitacost is, go ahead and get your shop on.)

2.  Competitive prices:

We use Vitacost for a lot of things because it is cheaper than Amazon and other similar companies. They also offer monthly BOGO or % off deals. In almost any given month, you can find items discounted.

 Vitacost is also full of surprise discounts on certain brands.

3. Refer a friend offer:

If you’re a member, you can send links to your friends. If they sign up, you get $10 more and so do they. Cha-ching!

4. Set and Save discount:

This is an option that will save you more money at checkout. They offer an additional 10% off if you subscribe to Set and Save for certain items enrolled in the program, it will automatically re-order the product at a set date. We use set and save and then remove it a few days after getting the product in the mail so it doesn’t reorder the item when we don’t need it or it’s not on sale.

5. Free shipping on orders over $25:

This might sound like a lot of money when you’re talking about vitamins and such, but if you are smart and buy in bulk like we do, then that free shipping is yours for the taking.

Currently, they offer free shipping on orders over $25 if you are buying everything by Vitacost’s own brand. Other brands require a $49 purchase before you’ll receive free shipping.

6. Great (Really Great) customer service:

 In reference to #4 above, on one of our orders of vitamins we forgot to remove the Set and Save option. So, Jacob called Vitacost and they told us they have a Set and Save policy. Once a year, if you forget to remove a Set and Save, they have a once per year special policy. they don’t charge you for the items and you get to keep them. Now THAT is great customer service. You can call them on the phone  or pick the ever popular live chat option for all your customer service needs.

 7. Easy to use website:

Vitacost has a compare button in the top left corner of each item’s box. If you click the “compare” box on two or more different items, then scroll to the bottom left of the page and click the grey “compare” button, you’ll see something like this:


This allows you to look at two similar products and compare them for quality and price. The compare option lets you see ingredients, weight, and the overall reviews, just to name a few.

This tool is also very helpful if you don’t want to forget items that you want while you browse, but also don’t want to add them to your cart. The compare option is a great place to keep all your maybes.

8. Other small benefits of Vitacost:

  • Freebies: you can try a small amount of items for free. They do charge shipping for these single items though, so make sure you only put them in your cart when you’ve spent over $49.

  • “Submit a review for a chance to win a $100 shopping spree” sweepstakes

  • Vitacost MasterCard offers

  • Vitacost app with more special offers

Besides all these monetary benefits of shopping at Vitacost, they also have a health and fitness blog full of insightful articles, videos, and recipes written by a range of people from a stay at home mom, to a chef, to a doctor.

With so many benefits of signing up for a free Vitacost membership, I’m surprised you’ve made it all the way to the end of this article. Now go on. Git! Go signup and start saving some serious cash on your health needs.

To earn you $10 signup bonus, sign up here

Or if you are an existing customer, you can start saving here -> Vitacost Portal

Hope you enjoyed our Vitacost Review! Have you used Vitacost?

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